Adiel & Didier is an Official Selection of the Beloit International Film Festival, Comedy Shorts competition. Hooray!

Our little, bilingual, comedy love story (an offshoot of the Bridges Over Montreal project) has been accepted at its first festival, and we are delighted!

A friendly guideline to dating in the modern era. Learn a step-by-step approach while watching two Montreal online-daters attempt to find love.

Trouver de l'amour n'a jamais été aussi difficile. Deux Montréalais se rencontrent en ligne, et le résultat c'est l'hilarité.


Adiel and Didier met on an online dating site in Montreal. But will their expectations be met as they meet in person for the first time?

Learn the rules of dating in the modern age, as our heroine and hero encounter all kinds of strange ups and stranger downs in this romantic comedy of misfortune.